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  • We are looking for more players all the time, Please email menacelacrosse@gmail.com for more info.
Winter Training - dont forget to sign up

We are going to have a hardcore winter training program. This is open to anyone and not just current Menace players. This is for the player that wants to improve there skills and abilitys. You can register here: https://leagueathletics.com/Registration/Restrictions.asp?RegID=153218&org=menacelax.com

by posted 12/17/2017
Photo of the Week

by posted 12/15/2017
Photo of the week

menacelacrosse This Photo of the week is of Isabella getting ready to put the ball past the Goalie. Great job and keep up the hard work!!



by posted 11/29/2017
Photo of the Week

This picture is of the 5/6 boys at the Falling Leaves Tournament in Ballston Spa, New York.  The boys played very well and went 2-1 on the day.  Great Job guys!!!

by posted 11/20/2017
Menace Now and in the Future

The Mid-Hudson Menace is happy to be wrapping up their first full calendar year for the Boys & Girls combined programs.  I would like to take a minute to let you know how this coming season will be different than the past year with a couple bullet items…

  1. Practices – This is where the rubber meets the pavement… Half of our practice time will be devoted to position only training. We will split players up with their specific position (Goalie, Attack, Midfield and Defense) and allow their position coach to explain the finer points of their position.  In May we will have practices only one day a week due to everyone’s already busy schedule and go to 2 days a week starting in June.


  2. Menace University – A separate part of practices will be class room time where we take a different look at game via video footage and creation of a playbook for each team.  It will be your child’s responsibility to understand the play book and be able to apply it on the field.   


  3. Tournaments - The Goal of the Mid-Hudson Menace is to put your child in a challenging yet rewarding situation.  We will continue to find the best tournaments that allow us to get some wins and losses.  This is not always easy to do but we are going to do our best to achieve the goal.


Lastly I wanted to thank everyone that participated in the summer and fall teams including parents & coaches.  Without everyone’s support and dedication this would not be possible.  If you ever have any questions or concerns my door is always open.


Scott Boyce

by posted 11/06/2017
Wall Ball Challenge Winners

2017 Fall Wall Ball Challenge Winners


1st Place - Clifford Budney 8,170 - Avg. 255 per day

2nd Place - Johnny Kauffman 3,800 - Avg. 118 per day

3rd Place - Landon Boyce 2,702 - Avg. 84 per day


1st Place - Miranda Murray 10,800 - Avg. 337 per day

2nd Place - Lily Poletto 10,050 - Avg. 314 per day

3rd Place - Taryn Satkowski 7,150 - Avg. 223 per day


Congrats to everyone that put in the work, it shows!!!

by posted 11/02/2017
Winter Skills Sessions


Winter Skills Sessions

Cost is $175

January 6, 13, 20, 27

February 3, 10, 17, 24

Boys 3rd-12th 11:30 - 1:00

Girls 3rd-12th 1:15 - 2:45

@ The Pine Bush High School Gym

Register HERE


by posted 10/30/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks photo of the week is of the Girls 7/8 Team at the Gobin Games in Ithaca New York this past Saturday.

by posted 10/30/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks photo of the week is of Carson, a 4th grader playing up on the 5/6 team.  He sure is making a statement at the Finger Lakes tournament last weekend with this hair color.  Looking good Carson!

by posted 10/15/2017
5/6 Girls @ 2017 Lax Fall Jam

The Mid Hudson Menace 5/6 Girls team lived up to their name at the 2017 Lax Fall Jam in East Windsor, CT this past weekend.  The team proved to be truly "Menacing" for their competition in pool play.  The girls completed their pool play with a perfect 4-0 record! Great job girls!

by posted 10/03/2017
Mid-Hudson Menace Girls 7/8 @ Harvard Summer Splash 2017 (4W-0L)

by posted 09/15/2017
Summer Photo Contest Winners

1st Place - This photo is of Alexa from the Summer 5/6 Team.  Photo taken by Erika Frank-Poletto

2nd Place - This Photo is of Owen from the Summer 5/6 Team.  Photo taken by Blennie Kelly

3rd Place - This Photo is of Daniel from the Summer 5/6 Team.  Photo taken by Joe Kelly

by posted 09/10/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks photo is of the 7/8 Girls Team that went (4-0) at the Harvard Summer Splash tournament and won their bracket.  Great job Girls!!

by posted 07/25/2017
Photo of the Day
Andrew has the eye of the Tiger, Great picture Mr. Kelly!!!

by posted 07/14/2017
Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week, the 7/8 Boys at the 1812 Tournament in Sackets Harbor, New York
by posted 07/09/2017
Photo of the week

This weeks photo of the week is of some of the 5/6 girls at the "Girls of Summer Tournament" in Tully New York.

by posted 06/27/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks Photo of the Week is of the JV boys shaking hands after their 4th game of the day at the Lehigh Lax Fest.  The Boys put in a hard days work and went 1-3 even though they where in every game.  Keep up the good work boys!!!

by posted 06/19/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks photo of the week is of Alexis on the JV team who left it all out on the field at the Girls of Summer Tournament this past Sunday.  Great Job Alexis!!!

by posted 06/13/2017
Photo of the Week - Coach Tupper in Action

by posted 06/05/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks Photo the week is of Jordyn from the 7/8 Team focusing on making a smooth catch. Keep up the good work!!

by posted 05/30/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks photo of the week is of Sophie from the JV Team, she was having a good time playing catch before practice.

by posted 05/20/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks photo of the week is of the JV Boys streaching out with Coach Roebuck

by posted 05/11/2017
Girls JV Talent Needed for Summer Team

by posted 03/29/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks Photo of the Week is of the Younger Girls posing for a picture at the Winter Practice.  Clara is like Bailey, get off of me lol

by posted 03/27/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks photo of the week is our 5/6 Goalie Julia firing a pass to Abigail in an effort to move the ball down the field, Great Job Girls!!

by posted 03/15/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks photo is of the Crew that went to Syracuse.


by posted 02/27/2017
Womens Lacrosse - Syracuse Vs. Umass 2-25-2017

by posted 02/26/2017
Younger sisters Fight for a Giveaway

by posted 02/26/2017
Army Entering Carrier Dome 2-25-2017


by posted 02/26/2017
Photo of the Week

This photo is of Abby from the 5/6 team doing a great job of keeping her head up and looking down field for a pass. Great Job Abby!!!

by posted 02/20/2017
Photo of the Week

This is a picture during Saturdays winter practice sessions, we had a great turnout and the boys all put in hard work.  Great Job Menace Boys!!!!

by posted 02/13/2017
Photo of the Week

This weeks photo of the week is off Sara from the 5/6 team.  Sara really stepped up and played solid defense whenever she was on the field.  Good Job Sara!

by posted 01/30/2017
Photo of the Week

This Weeks Photo of the Week is of Samantha on the 5/6 Girls Team, as you can see she is turning on the wheels past all the East Chester Girls at the Play 4 Kay Tournament.  Great Job and Keep up the Hard Work!!

by posted 01/22/2017
Photo of the Week

This Weeks Photo of the Week is the 7/8 team at a Tournament in Danbury CT in the Fall of 2016. 

by posted 01/17/2017

In this Photo Taryn, Abigail & Carrigan are defiantly talking about a play they are going to run during the tournament......lol  I Love seeing pictures like this because its the friendships that will last a life time, even when these girls will be playing against each other in High School.

by posted 12/27/2016
Field Status
1812 Shootout - Sackets Harbor OPEN (1/20) 
Circleville Middle - Circleville OPEN (1/20) 
Crawford "North Field" - Pine Bush OPEN (1/20) 
Danbury Sports Dome - Danbury OPEN (1/20) 
HudsonValley Sports Dome - Milton OPEN (1/20) 
Ithaca High School - Ithaca OPEN (1/20) 
Pine Bush Elementry - Pine Bush OPEN (1/20) 
Pine Bush High School - Pine Bush OPEN (1/20) 
Sachem Soccer Complex - Holtsville OPEN (1/20) 
Turf City - Wayne OPEN (1/20) 
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